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5 Facts About Lash Extensions

1.They can alter your makeup routine

While lash extensions look stunning and can reduce the time you used to take on your eyelashes, you may need to change up your makeup routine. Products you should eliminate include tubing mascaras, pencil eyeliners, waterproof liquid eyeliner, and oil-based face cleansers. Tubing mascara sticks to false lashes much more than natural lashes, pencil eyeliners cause lashes to tangle, waterproof liquid liner removal requires you to rub at the lash line and touch the lashes, and oil-based products can erode lash glue.


2. Results can vary based on natural lashes

If you have thin, fine eyelashes to start with, you will not ever end up with extremely voluminous lashes. Eyelash extensions are attached to the natural lashes. They can only carry so much weight and if you overload them it can cause major damage. When getting eyelash extensions, it’s wise to have realistic expectations about what your lashes can and cannot do. Whether you have fine eyelashes, short eyelashes, or thick eyelashes, eyelash extensions can still do wonders. 


3. They need to be kept clean

You should not get your eyelashes wet for 12-24 hours after application or touch-ups, but after that washing them is crucial. When you have false lashes, your cleansing routine needs to be more stringent than ever. If extensions aren’t regularly cleaned, infections like conjunctivitis and keratitis can occur. The eye area is extremely sensitive, so make sure you’re using a gentle cleanser. Stay away from oily cleansers and heavy eye creams. Try using a liquid makeup remover like micellar water, or pre-soaked, oil-free makeup removing pads.

4. Eyelash extensions aren’t permanent

Lash extensions will last typically 6-8 weeks, depending on the way your hair grows. Lash maintenance is suggested every 3-4 weeks for a full look. Each extension attaches to a single, natural eyelash, so they do fall out over time as natural lashes do. In order to keep your lashes intact for as long as possible, avoid picking at them, rubbing them, or pulling them out.


5. There are different materials to choose from

The three common types of eyelash extensions are faux mink, synthetic, and silk. Mink lash extensions are feathery and light, maintain their shape and are typically shinier than other materials. However, mink lashes typically come at the highest price point. Synthetic lashes are made from polished acrylic and are denser, shinier, and stronger than other materials. As a result, they are the heaviest material. Silk lashes are the mid-weight material as far as extensions go. They’re finer and more flexible, allowing for good shape retention. Since they are light, these lashes are good for older clients or those with weak lashes. Silk lashes are thicker and have a rich black color, but they tend to be slightly uncomfortable.

05 April 2019