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Know your Adhesives

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Is used to bang on the extension to the natural lash. Adhesives come in different strengths from very low fumes which doesn’t have Long bonding life to extremely high strength of adhesive which lasts anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. Strong adhesives should be used by experienced lash artist only as minimal amount of it should be used to bond the extension to the natural eyelash.

Cyanoacurate is a major component found in lash adhesives, cyanoacrylate cures and polymerises in presence of humidity and water. Therefore the ideal humidity and temperature in the air should be achieved in order for the adhesive to work properly and to have the best adhesion life.
Adhesives have a short shelf life about one year if unopened and stored properly and about 4 weeks once opened with proper storage.
They have exothermic reaction to natural fibers such as cotton therefore the artist must know the right supplies to use wile working with the adhesive.
Also if the humidity and the temperature is too high in the room the adhesive will dry too fast causing shock polymerization reducing retention time. Using too much addresses will make it to dry too slow increasing your work time and will cause stickies.
You have to play around with the adhesive. Learn the atmosphere and the best environment for it, therefore you will not need 3 different bottles in stock and you won’t have many retention issues.

05 April 2019